UNA Wesleyan Hits the Ground Running!

UNA Wesleyan is a new UNA chapter and already hitting the ground running in their first semester! Below are a few examples of events they held on their campus, and that you can bring to your chapter! Catch up more with the UNA Wesleyan chapter by following them on Facebook

By: Zenaida Ramos

On September 27, 2016, UNA Wesleyan along with several organizations on campus sponsored an event called “Peace Walk at Wesleyan.” This peace walk raised awareness about the importance of peace and various types of violence, including domestic and sexual assault, hate crimes, war and police brutality. The event was first concocted by UNA Wesleyan’s very own Outreach Director, Sidney McCall, along with members of NCWC’s student government and World Tabernacle. The peace walk started in front of the college’s Braswell Building where stations were set up for poster making, water and face painting. The Master of Ceremonies, Kyle-Durrell Johnson, along with Sidney, opened the event with a few words. They were followed by Pastor Barry Drum, who led the assembly in prayer. After the group photos and selfies were complete, the walk began. As the group walked around campus, some individuals held hands, while others swayed and sang. A fair number of people held signs as they walked.


Some of our favorites read: Make Pasta Not War, Islamophobia is not Freedom, Black Lives Matter Too, Refuse H8, and Consent is a Basic Human Right.

Even though the weather was cloudy and humid, it was still an awesome event with a great turn out!

On September 22, 2016, UNA Wesleyan hosted their very first film screening showcasing the documentary Syria the World’s Largest Refugee Crisis, an episode from Great Decisions, a PBS series. The film highlighted issues dealing with Syria, especially the fact that the country now holds the record for the world’s largest refugee population. After the documentary ended, Vice President, Beverly Anaele, led the 30+ audience members in a group discussion. A multitude of subjects were discussed, including America’s role in defeating ISIS, the role of police and country officials, extremist groups, and the aid that refugees are receiving. There were many great points that were raised that sparked passionate debates filled with personal experiences, and delved into the foundations of freedom and humanitarianism.

UNA Wesleyan also used the film screening as an opportunity to start the first wave of Pennies for Syria, a movement to help raise money for Syrian refugees. By the end of the night, Gen UN had raised $76.78! The money will be sent to the American Refugee Committee.