Girls Just Want to Have F(UN): How Young Women are Driving the Conversation and Actions Towards Achieving the UN SDGs

Jordie is an architect by training and green urbanist by heart with a passion for sustainability.  Determined to pursue mediums that could empower communities and forge better living conditions, she studied architecture as her creative platform to aid those facing inequity and a lack of green and healthy environments. She is interested in learning, writing, activating spaces and communities at the intersection of social, creative and environmentally-friendly interventions. Today, you can find her working in the sustainability and energy field and between breaks writing snappy tweets unintentionally catered to millennials.

UN leaders, equal rights ambassadors, and social impact advocates convened at The Good Social Summit to discuss ways in which technology is increasingly enabling access to social good across the world. Held during UNGA Week, the Social Good Summit and General Assembly is to young social change-makers what fashion week is to influencers and fashionistas- a unique opportunity to be awestruck and inspired-Also, power suits and blue pantsuits.

During fashion week, designers were enthusiastic to present their best collections for the next upcoming seasons. Likewise, the growing community of global leaders is always thrilled to showcase innovative ideas in which local and national initiatives are contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. And just like in fashion week, important players in the industry are given the responsibility to create new trends and stir the public’s attention to specific themes and much-needed reforms. Oh Hi, Dia Mirza.

At the center and at the sidelines of it all, women were consistently the real MVPs in the room. Women’s unique lenses and personal narratives are constantly framing the right conversations about the need for access to education, adequate housing and the demand for equality. Cue: girl power. Perhaps the most important questions posed to the audience were: what’s your vision for the future? How are you contributing to a local action? And why does it matter to you specifically?  All of these questions are good and extremely complex at the same time. Individual’s eagerness to create a positive footprint in a world of so many challenges has really caught the biggest wave of interests amongst the young. Therefore, it is impressive to see how young females are embracing different challenges and using technologies in different ways to not just answer these questions but to increase awareness and provide solutions locally while making mommy moves too.

Technology is increasingly connecting individuals to global communities, providing medical answers to health conditions, ensuring financial independence through blockchain and igniting powerful creativity using the arts. It is exciting to witness women at the forefront of change driving lateral thinking and solving different problems everywhere using different mediums. Therefore, no matter how futile or small a contribution might be, in today’s age,  alignment of values and support for each other endeavors as women change-makers is the key. Major key.

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