Global Advocates Podcast Launch: A Campus Fellows Project

Welcome to the Global Advocates Podcast, the series created by the United Nations Association USA campus fellows where we speak with organizations and young activists and to learn from their advocacy journeys. This podcast was created to inspire our listeners, especially our youth members, who might feel lost on how to navigate the complex world of advocacy. The path to activism is not easy which is why we will be speaking to those who have waled that path to share their experiences, their failures, and their advice.

In the first episode, Western and Midwestern Region Fellow, Christine Ow speaks with Audrey Ajakaye, a high school student, social entrepreneur, and advocate for skin positivity. Audrey founded her company LoveMySkin which is a company focused on helping individuals treat and embrace their skin diseases in a holistic manner. She is also a National Eczema Association Ambassador, and she was worked extensively in her education and advocacy efforts both within the United States and abroad. Check out the episode to learn more about Audrey, how she got this this point, who has inspired and mentored her, as well as her future aspiration.

Check out the following links below to learn more:

LoveMySkin Instagram

LoveMySkin Website

Her Podcast “Mind the Skin”

Listen to the first installment of the Global Advocates Podcast here: