Let’s Get Digital, Digital: Urbanonsite’s Vision To How We Want to See The World We Live in by 2030

Jordie is an architect by training and green urbanist by heart with a passion for sustainability.  Determined to pursue mediums that could empower communities and forge better living conditions, she studied architecture as her creative platform to aid those facing inequity and a lack of green and healthy environments. She is interested in learning, writing, activating spaces and communities at the intersection of social, creative and environmentally-friendly interventions. Today, you can find her working in the sustainability and energy field and between breaks writing snappy tweets unintentionally catered to millennials.

Jordie SGS

For the project @urbanonsite, an endeavor that seeks to explore, experiment and expose worldwide sustainable initiatives. In spite of the weight of the SDGs, we are determined to shape how we expose our compelling and socially impactful projects. The projects reported on the website are mostly about ordinary people doing extraordinary things in their community.

These local champions need a voice and collaborative platforms that provide more access to opportunities and investment, mainly for women. At Urbanonsite, we are inspired to use technology to link our storytelling and project narratives with interactive mappings and new features. For the sake of sharing best practices and engaging fellow leaders and individuals to take a seat at the global conversation. We want to ensure everyone is aware of the wonderful work taking place at a small scale in local communities and how to partake in them if interested. Because being a change-maker looks good on you and you and you.

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