UNA Wayne State University Chapter: Creating a Blueprint for 2022 And Beyond

Last June a group of students from Wayne State University School of Medicine (WSUSOM) reached out to UNA-USA, hoping to start a campus chapter on campus. Having diverse talents and initiative ideas, they were eager to join the UNA-USA community and seek solidarity and partnerships across the nation. Finishing the initial steps a few weeks later, UNA Wayne State University School of Medicine Organizing Group was recognized and is the first UNA campus chapter based in a medical school.

Considering UNA WSUSOM is still new, what is your vision for your student group?

Yazeed Hazeed: “My vision for this organization is to leave a sustainable institution for medical trainees that encourage and allows them to be the drivers of change as future and junior physician leaders. In addition, I would like to create a hub for medical trainees that gives them the opportunity to engage in national and global events. Allowing them to induce the best version of themselves by dilating the horizon for themselves and others.”

What SDGs are valued the most to you and your membership?

Yazeed Hazeed: “As the founder of this chapter, I encouraged my fellow leaders to explore the two sustainable development goals that deeply relate to my upbringing, where female figures deeply impacted my education and personal development journey. After that, we have been dedicating a considerable amount of effort to building a signature program focusing on SDG5 and highlighting the monumental contribution and empowerment of women.”

What were your next steps in mind after your chapter was established?
Yazeed Hazeed: “The first 6 months were crucial to us. Our goal was to network with as many clubs and organizations as we could to lay down a solid network and support system for our chapter. In December, we know that it is time to go public and share this across our school.”

In 2022, do you have any exciting chapter activities to share with the wider UNA network?

Yazeed Hazeed: “We recently have launched our Ambassador Program on campus and nominated resident physician Anam Ansari and Student Doctor Sarah Gonzalez as ambassadors for gender equality (SDG 5). On February 10th of 2022, our chapter attended the first National Meet and Greet of the UNA Woman’s Affinity group where our initiative was highlighted at the national level. In addition, we have elected to create a national delegate position where a student will be assigned to attend the UNA-Women Affinity group to be coached on advocacy geared toward SDG 5. We are also planning to launch a program modelled after the Commission on the Status of Women to create an inclusive platform allowing women from marginalized groups to be represented.”


Although still rather young among UNA-USA chapters, UNA Wayne State University chapter is determined to serve as a model encouraging many more medical schools across the country to uphold the mission of the United Nations and inspiring fellow students and their networks to act upon sustainable development goals. Collaborations and Culture mean tremendously to the UNA WSU chapter, and we can’t wait to see that their passion and expertise drive the chapter mission further on and beyond campus.