#MySDGDream: A Poem

You ask me my SDG dream to unfold,

A dream of Sustainable Development Goals.

Let me tell you the story, just so you know,

How UNA planted a seed that would grow:


There once were two UNA members,

No matter their names, no matter their genders;

Their hearts longed for peace, for prosperity,

Their thoughts of ways to transform their community.


23 years did the goals evolve, with two major summits in Rio,

The first one took place in nineteen and ninety and two;

The mold finally cast in two thousand fifteen,

When the UN adopted the goals…Seventeen.


All promised the goals to attain by two thousand and thirty,

Our UNA friends vowed advance them in Jersey.

So, our friends’ new world challenge was to determine,

How best to develop the world’s local version.


Goals they proclaimed to sustain man’s development,

How noble and lofty to work toward man’s betterment.

“Let’s build back better, leave no one behind,”

Said our champions Rachel and Teta, both of like mind.


Zoom, Skype, and Facebook, email and twitter,

Became advocacy tools to consider,

In the fight to create a world without poverty,

Where every woman, man, and child knows only equality.


Let’s briefly review the challenges deep

Our UNA partners committed to meet:


Poverty, Hunger, Health, Education

Equality, Clean Water, Sanitation;

Energy pure and affordable,

Economic growth, decent work for all.


Industry, Innovation, efficient Infrastructure,

My country’s like yours, ‘cause we’re equal…in future.

Homes grow to cities, safe and resilient,

Consumption, production both just sufficient.


Climate needs our respect, or its impact destroys us;

Life below Water, Life on Land, desperately need our trust.

Make societies peaceful and just, and finally,

Partnership, the strong with the weak—solid unity.


The SDGs forever I see enshrined,

And in time the 8 counties of Northern New Jersey–

The Chapter from which hail our UNA pair–

Will a model become for all States to share.


From State to State and on to the Nation,

And indeed, the Planet, and all of creation.

Peace and fulfillment to each creature that stirs….

That is my SDG dream, and what I aver.