UN 2.0 Week and the UN 2.0 Quintet of Change

This week, April 22-26, 2024, is UN 2.0 Week.

UN 2.0 has become the buzz phrase for how the United Nations can more effectively address the world’s greatest challenges.  UN 2.0 is the initiative that has come from within the UN system to draw from a “Quintet of Change” outlined below:

  • Innovation: Learning to scale new solutions, e.g., to help expand access to healthcare services.
  • Data: Building impactful data ecosystems, e.g., to help raise yields with data-driven agriculture.
  • Digital: Becoming fluent in digital impact, e.g., to help with inclusive online education platforms.
  • Foresight: Learning to navigate uncertainty, e.g. to assist in adapting to climate change trends.
  • Behavioral science: Enabling better choices, e.g., to help enhance access to social services.

This Quintet of Change is less about a structure or standalone project and more about strengthening expertise and culture with the purpose of delivering stronger results, better Member State support, and faster Sustainable Development Goals progress.

Although UN 2.0 is focused on internal changes at the UN, UNA-USA works together with all facets of the United Nations system, including the Secretariat and many UN agencies, programs, and funds.  Given our position adjacent to the UN, UNA-USA will support UN 2.0 by educating UNA-USA members about this forward-looking initiative, inspiring the public to learn more about the UN’s impact, and mobilizing our networks to collaborate across the UN system to achieve faster collective progress for the SDG 2030 Agenda.

UN 2.0 promises to be what our world truly needs to support peace, prosperity, and planet.  To learn more about UN 2.0, click here.