SDG Mural at South Pointe Elementary School, Miami Beach, Florida

For the first time in Miami Dade County, Florida, the SDGs are prominently featured on a mural at Miami Beach’s South Pointe Elementary School (SPES). The UNA Miami Chapter was one of this project’s proud sponsors, which brought together art, technology and education.

This project created an opportunity to showcase local sustainability issues, provoke meaningful action, and have fun. SPES’s mural design focused on Life Below Water (SDG 14), with Quality Education (SDG 4), Climate Action (SDG 13), and Life on Land (SDG 15), as supporting goals. The 3 supporting goals show the interconnectivity of the SDGs.

With guidance from Ben Weinstein, Senior Design Manager for CBRE-HEERY supporting Miami Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) Facilities, Juliana Velez, Community Manager for MDCPS, members of the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), Linda Cheung’s Before It’s Too Late and UNA Miami, students chose the goals they believed were most pertinent to them, to their school and to their community. Students also assisted in painting the mural.

The SDG logos on the mural come to life through Augmented Reality (AR) activation by pointing a smart phone to the QR Code located on the lower part of the mural.

The artwork was created by @11tratos and the AR by (Before It’s Too Late)

The PTSA was instrumental in making this project possible, by helping to raise funds to pay the artists, AR portion, and supplies.

This is the first of 9 proposed projects – the goal is to have a mural on a school in each school district in Miami Dade County. Each of these schools will choose the SDGs as a focus to their community and showing the diversity in Miami Dade county.  The planned projects are subject to securing financial contributions which can come from PTSAs, community members, private sector and local UNA chapters.

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