Spring Chapter Checklist

Here’s everything you need to know to kick off your spring semester!

First things first: Make sure you have submitted your fall semester chapter report (it was due December 8, 2017!)

First month of the semester: (January, February)

  • Organize your first meeting
    • Set team goals for the semester and delegate roles
      • You can follow the SMART framework when you set your goals (Specific, Measurable, Action-Orientated, Realistic, Timed)
      • Start planning your events calendar for the semester
        • Consider what international days of recognition are happening and what events you can plan around them
        • Book your spaces on campus for major events in advance
        • Prepare a timeline for your events, and when you will start organizing
        • UNA-USA Global Engagement Summit (formerly “Members’ Day”) is taking place at the United Nations headquarters in New York on February 23, 2018 –  circulate the registration information around your members and see if you can get a delegation together!
      • Ask all club participants to activate their free UNA-USA membership.

Over the course of the semester: (February, March)

  • Submit a blog about your chapter activities or an event to genun@unausa.org
  • Schedule a brainstorming call with your GenUN Fellow
  • Host a strategic planning webinar for your Exec facilitated by National office

Towards the end of the semester: (April, May)

  • Apply for conference funds through your university to attend the UNA-USA Leadership Summit
  • Plan a leadership transition meeting so outgoing officers can meet with their successors before the end of the semester
  • Register at least one returning leader for the UNA-USA Leadership Summit in June
  • Recognize your graduating senior student leaders
  • Submit spring end of semester report