Strategic Intelligence Platform: a Data-Driven Global Society

As a high school educator, I am constantly grappling with the task of ensuring my students have the skills necessary to be global citizens. This responsibility goes beyond having the communication and leadership skills in a data-driven global society. One tool that is innovative in this task is the Strategic Intelligence Platform, a tool to address SDG4: Quality Education. The tool uses machine learning (data) and human intelligence (experts) that develop frameworks to better make strategic decisions. 

To shape 21st-century learners, educators try to facilitate critical thinkers and active learners who think outside the box to bring about change. We develop lesson plans that address needed skills for college and career readiness and rigorous content to expand their thinking. The Strategic Intelligence Platform provides students an opportunity to research a myriad of core and key issues such as corruption and rule of law and law enforcement. The core and key issues have curated qualitative and quantitative data from reliable sources. K-12 social science educators can use this platform within their instructional models and strategies such as flipped classrooms, project-based learning, independent research, Socratic discussions, and whole-class instruction. Students can synthesize the information to solve problems, develop arguments and frameworks, create models, draw conclusions, generate ideas, or show their understanding and interpretation of an issue. 

I find this tool both innovative and essential. It helps students see the big picture on the global issues facing the world. It provides a tremendous resource for exploring the interconnections between over 250 different topics and keeping students abreast of real-time information. The information is interactively presented and meets the needs of visual learners. Educators must partner with organizations that are making global impacts, thus shaping and preparing global citizens.