The One Solution to Fixing Global Issues

Alex Garcia


Alex Garcia is a marketing coordinator, writer, and content marketing expert. He continually stays on top of industry trends to reach the masses and further his goal of transforming people’s lives for the better. In his free time, Alex volunteers his marketing expertise for organizations such as The United Nations Association and The Human Rights Campaign. He is a member of the UNA Chicago Chapter.

The weekend of September 22-23, 2018 had me thinking so deeply about how to really solve the global issues we all face. I attended the UN Foundation’s Social Good Summit and listened to so many speakers that enthusiastically wanted to solve the United Nation’s goals. It was so inspiring seeing the passion of the people around me. You could just feel the love and altruism pouring out of the building.The following week was the start of the UN General Assembly and I was in awe at just how many people were flooding into the area ready to discuss the issues we face as an interconnected global society.

With all of this enthusiasm also came a bit of melancholy. I asked myself, with so many people coming together for issues we all know need to be addressed, why haven’t they been fixed yet? Slowly, the answer started to come to me… The one solution to fixing the issues of the greater world is to start with yourself, the individual. Each individual creates a vote that elects a leader who can then create change on a larger scale. Each individual can make the choice to donate time and/or money to a cause that will help efforts to change global issues. Each individual can have conversations with others to inspire collaboration on changing global issues. Each individual can prioritize how much of their time is spent on these efforts. So the solution really, is the same source that allows institutions to be created or maintained, you the individual.

We can talk all we want about the issues we currently face in our world. We can complain, we can think about them, we can feel powerless to them. But until we all choose to do our small part in taking action to address these issues, they will seem too large and impossible. I encourage you to make small changes and encourage others to do so as well. Write to the leaders that represent you, vote, educate yourself, volunteer and donate money to organizations that are helping to solve global issues you care about, have conversations with your friends and family about them. If each of us changes ourselves, we can change others, and change the greater world.

The one solution to fixing global issues starts with you.

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