Top Ten Ways to Celebrate UN Day

  1. Host a Speaker at your school who will highlight the work of the United Nations in the international community. Think about ways to incorporate this into an academic department, or try to collaborate with another student organization.
  2. Show a documentary related to a UN issue. To make an even bigger impact, charge admission and donate the money to a UN cause, such UNA-USA’s Adopt-A-Future Campaign.
  3. Screen the film Girl Rising to celebrate both UN Day and International Day of the Girl, which is October 11. This year’s theme is Innovation for Girls Education.
  4. Hold a UN Day roundtable discussion on international youth Issues. Invite students from different backgrounds to share their stories.
  5. Decorate your school, dorm, or student union building in blue and white to promote UN awareness.
  6. Collaborate with international student organizations on a fashion show involving countries and national dress of nations around the world. Be sure to include important facts about the UN with each style!
  7. Plan an advocacy day for your student group (invite other student groups to participate!), asking individuals to dedicate the day to educating their political leaders on the importance of the United Nations. To learn more about advocacy, check our Tools and Resources section.
  8. Host a discussion featuring candidates and/ or elected officials who are running for local, state, and national office to hear their views on the UN and international politics.
  9. Recognize a local leader and their commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.
  10. Use the UNA-USA Model UN App to host a UN simulation with your campus chapter or a high school group. Try the zombie simulation for some extra fun!