Chapter Spotlight: Liberty University

While the Coronavirus pandemic has altered the way in which many of our chapters reach out to and interact with UNA members, many of our Campus Chapters across the Southern Region have continued to enjoy great success as they confront numerous pandemic-related challenges, one such chapter is UNA Liberty in Lynchburg, Virginia. UNA-Liberty has been adapting to COVID guidelines while continuing to meet both online as well as through masked & socially-distanced on-campus meetings.

Every meeting UNA-Liberty hosted throughout the Fall Semester offered members the opportunity to attend either virtually, through Microsoft Teams, or socially-distanced and in-person. As Liberty adapted to this hybrid model, chapter leaders were encouraged to notice that members remained engaged through both formats. Continuing to further the mission of the UNA, members participated in their first virtual Model UN Conference hosted by Old Dominion University and competed against four other schools through Discord. Engaging with other delegations through the virtual conference provided members with a fun and interactive format through which they were able to foster an atmosphere of friendly competition.

Contributing to education and awareness efforts, UNA-Liberty co-hosted a virtual panel discussion featuring two of Liberty’s law professor. Discussing pertinent topics including Human Rights, International Law, and the role of the United Nations in these areas, this virtual event welcomed more that 45 students who were given opportunities to engage with and question the panelists as they furthered their passion for the UN and international diplomacy.

UNA-Liberty has continued to think outside-the-box, finding new and innovative ways through which to engage with members and expand the reach of their Campus Chapter. In addition to hosting events and participating in virtual conferences, near the beginning of the fall the semester, leadership from UNA Liberty participated in a Zoom discussion with Chapter Leaders from UNA – University of Guam, and me, as we shared ideas from across the region and explored opportunities for potential future cooperation.

UNA-Liberty continues to further the UNA’s mission both on their campus and beyond as they have remained active members of our UNA-USA community.