‘We’re not for Sale’ — a March on Human Trafficking

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On April 6th, people from all walks of life gathered and marched together on the streets of Hollywood to call for an end on human trafficking. According to United Nations, human trafficking takes place in every country with children making up one third of the victims, at least 70% women and girls combined. It’s a persistent issue that many people feel strongly about.

The gathering was joined by Ike Khamisani, President, and Rachelle Adelante, Secretary, UNA-USA, Inland Empire Chapter. Ike addressed the march and passerby. He spoke of importance of Human Rights, and stressed on this need of the hour to appeal all concerns to raise voices and do some positive actions to stop this curse on humanity.

If human trafficking victims can’t stand up and speak for themselves, then we need to do so — this is the remarkable attitude that embodied everyone at the march.



While it’s a dark issue, human trafficking is a humanitarian problem that will continue to exist unless we make the efforts to stop it. It’s an issue that affects us all — an issue that goes beyond gender, age, background, ethnicity, and anything that divides us. It will never be an easy battle. However, when we get together and march as one, we have a great chance at fighting it.