What We’re Talking About This Month: July, 2019

UNA-USA, the UN and the UN Foundation are talking about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) this July. Why? Because every July, the UN hosts a gathering to check in on progress on the SDGs. Known as the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, it brings together government officials, business leaders, and SDG advocates to assess how we’re doing and what we need to do to improve.

Here are three things to know this month:

  1. Through collective action, we’re making progress: extreme poverty has dropped to just 10% of the world’s population; we’ve cut child deaths in half since 2000; and access to electricity has grown to 89% globally. But we can’t slow down; in fact, we need to do more, because too many people are still left out of global progress.
  2. In July, and then again at the UN General Assembly in September, world leaders will check in on SDG progress. Now is the time to let them know that we want more action so people and planet have a fair chance to get ahead.
  3. Climate change will be a big part of the discussion on the SDGs because these agendas are connected. For example, we need to tackle climate change if we are to end poverty. And we need to make climate-friendly decisions on infrastructure if we’re going to achieve the Paris Agreement on climate change. The SDG and climate agendas are connected; advocates need to be connected too. Now is the time for all us – whether we care about climate change, peace, the environment, ending poverty, or any SDG issue – to come together for people and planet.

Want to share content on the SDGs? Try these:

  • Educate: Check out highlights from the UN’s annual SDG progress report. The latest report will come out on July 9.
  • Motivate: Read and share UN Foundation’s “Protectors of Progress” stories and inspire your friends, families, and networks to take action on the SDGs.
  • Activate: Join the UN’s #ActNow campaign. Then, turn action into advocacy and tell Congress that you care about U.S. leadership on global issues.

More information about the forum to check in on SDG progress:

Taking place at UN headquarters from July 9-18, this year’s forum will specifically examine how we’re doing on the following SDGs:

  • Goal 4: Quality education
  • Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth
  • Goal 10: Reduced inequalities
  • Goal 13: Climate action
  • Goal 16: Peace, justice, and strong institutions
  • Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals

Forty-seven countries will also showcase how they’re doing on the SDGs at the country level. (These are known as “Voluntary National Reviews,” and to date, more than 110 countries have submitted them.) Following the July forum, world leaders (at the heads of state level) will meet at the UN in September during the UN General Assembly for a special meeting to check in on the SDGs.

Want to get more involved with the SDGs? Learn about the UN goal of the month.

Other events in July:


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What We're Talking About This Month


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