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If I had one word to describe navigating high school and college it would be: stressful. Here are 3 pictures of me anytime I thought about grades, interviews, college applications, and jobs during that time:


Drawings courtesy of Hyperbole and a Half.

During my time as Youth Observer I’ve learned through conversations with many young women how unique my experience… wasn’t. Girls today feel many pressures. Get good grades, be president of every club, engage in the community, find a significant other to appease your abuela/nana/gma, and somehow find time to have a social life. What I really needed was the advice and ear of someone who had already gone through all of this. Having someone that supports, advises, and encourages you along the way can make a world of a difference.


In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, I’m launching a mentorship program that will match high school and college girls with inspiring women from various backgrounds, industries, and life experiences.  These women, all under 30, have survived the all-nighters, breakups, college/ job application process, and career uncertainty. They’re eager to share their knowledge, answer any questions, and give you the tips and tricks they wish they knew!


We’re calling it Girlz, FTW (for the world).


This program will include career advice, resume and interview assistance, help processing today’s political climate, life advice, positivity, someone to look up to, and everything in between. We want to help you navigate the tough stuff we just got through. Real women talking about life’s real issues.


If you’re a college/ high school girl looking for some support, advice, and inspiration, apply here: www.girlzftw.com. As my term as Youth Observer comes to an end summer 2017, I look forward to staying connected to you!


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