Your Personalized Game Plan for the 2018 UNA-USA Leadership Summit

The work of the United Nations is more important now than ever. Global challenges such as climate change, the refugee crisis, and violent conflict can only be addressed with a strong U.S.-UN partnership. To make this happen, our elected officials must know how these activities hold strong support by their constituents across the United States. In fact, a nationwide poll by the Better World Campaign found that 88 percent of Americans believe it is important for the U.S. to continue its active role at the U.N. and 67 percent support the U.S. paying its dues to the U.N. on time and in full.

This June, hundreds of United Nations supporters from across the United States will travel to Washington, DC for the UNA-USA 2018 Leadership Summit where they will get the training and resources needed to become an effective advocate for the United Nations. The Summit will bring together experts, activists and local leaders to prepare you for an Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill. As young people, it is critical for our voices to be heard on Capitol Hill. On June 12, we will join hundreds of other advocates to meet with our Members of Congress and congressional staffers to call for full U.S. funding of the UN.

Even if this is not your first time participating in the UNA-USA Leadership Summit, traveling to Washington, DC and advocating on the Capitol Hill can seem daunting. To make it a bit easier

  • Reserve your spot for the UNA-USA Leadership Summit here.

This event sells out every year, so register as soon as possible. Bonus: If you are under 25, you get a special discounted rate!

  • Share the event with your friends.

Because the only thing that can make the UNA-USA Leadership Summit even better is to participate with your friends. You can even use this nifty social media toolkit for all your social media needs online here.

  • Print some business cards.

You will meet so many global experts, local activists, and change-makers…the best way to stay connected is by sharing your contact information.

  • Practice your personal story.

Before you head to the nation’s capital, think about what inspired you to take action on global issues. When you meet with your Members of Congress or congressional staffers, sharing your personal story will make a huge impact.

  • Get ready to have lots of fun!

No explanation needed. 😉

Now that we have our game plan, we are ready to make the most of the UNA-USA Leadership Summit where we will gain invaluable tools to bring back home for chapter sustainability and urge Congress to stand with the UN. See you there!s