Your voice. Your vote. Your UNA-USA Regional Representatives.

How do you see the UNA-USA National Council working for you? How do you help shape how  you and your chapter are supported at the national level? How do you plan on making your voice heard? Voting during each National Council election is how you can do just that — have a say in how the Council and National Office work for you.

On March 30, the voting in the UNA-USA Regional Representatives elections will begin. Your vote is important  to ensuring you feel you have the best people possible representing your region at the National Council. As you submit your vote, you have the opportunity to read the brief biographies of the candidates in your region to determine whom you want to have representing YOU.

Every two years, a new cohort of Regional Representatives is elected to serve as  the UNA-USA National Council. These elected  UNA-USA members serve for two years , during which time they liaise with the National Office, offering their perspectives as they advise on matters related to chapters and members.

The members of the National Council come together to discuss better ways to support chapter capacity building, youth engagement, national programming and policies, and a host of other topics that collectively influence and create your experience as a UNA-USA member and leader.

You are eligible to vote in this election if you were a registered UNA-USA member as of December 31, 2019, based upon information submitted to the National Office. Your regional designation is also based on your address as registered at that time.

Your participation in the election of Regional Representatives for the National Council is an exercise of your democratic voice in the UNA-USA. We strongly urge you to take this opportunity to be a part of the continued forward movement and increased impact of the UNA-USA in its fulfilling its mission to support the work of the United Nations. The UN needs the UNA-USA. The UNA-USA needs you.