YP Spotlight: Kate Chang, East Bay

Name: Kate Chang

Chapter: East Bay

Favorite Sustainable Development Goal:  #1 No Poverty and #16 Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.

I firmly believe that individual economic security combined with peace, justice, and strong institutions are indispensable prerequisites for achieving all other SDGs.

When did you first get involved with UNA-USA?

I first got involved with UNA-USA three years ago after a fascinating and illuminating conversation about global governance and security matters with long-time UNA leader and human rights advocate, Rita Maran.

What interests you the most about the organization?

I love the way UNA-USA brings people together in the name of global development, human rights, and peace. Now, more than ever, our elected officials need to hear directly from voters about the importance of the United Nations and the values it stands for. UNA-USA provides both a platform and common cause for advocates to rally behind.

What made you decide to take on a leadership role within your chapter, and what’s been the greatest value to come from that work?

I love leading our chapter’s advocacy work and helping our incredibly dedicated chapter members organize their voices and interests to create compelling calls to action.

What are the major projects/programs you’ve contributed to in your chapter?

Over the last few years, I have led our chapter’s robust advocacy initiatives, worked on our chapter’s strategic planning, and participated in the Young Professionals group.

What benefits do you see to being involved both locally and nationally within UNA-USA? What do you like most about the summits?

The greatest benefit I see is ensuring that the local and national conversation continues to reflect the critical importance of the UN and the global challenges it addresses. UNA-USA members have the opportunity to make a difference as they educate others about the UN’s wide-ranging work —  from geo-political strategic concerns, to humanitarian disasters, to global development.

I love how the UNA-USA summits bring advocates together from across the country to educate and inspire our continued engagement. It is a great reminder that all UNA-USA members are united in their commitment to the Global Goals.

What is one thing that you’re most proud of during your time in UNA East Bay?

I am proud that during my time as Director of Advocacy, our chapter has regularly met with all six of our local Congressional Representatives and our two California Senators — building relationships, identifying opportunities for collaboration, and ensuring the message of UNA-USA is delivered consistently and effectively to those in a position to act on it.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to other young professional members looking to make an impact in their local chapters and communities?

I would say: Never lose sight of the fact that the work you do is important, meaningful, and impactful to far more people than you realize.

With every meeting you attend, every event your chapter hosts, and every connection you make with members of your larger community, you reflect a powerful voice for the values of peace, security, and prosperity. A better world can only built with people like you.