Kakuma Refugee Camp

Kakuma Refugee Camp is located in Kakuma, Kenya. Together, UNA-USA and USA for UNHCR work together to ensure children in the camp have access to a normal education, so they have a shot at a promising future.

About the Camp:

Kakuma was established in 1992 and is in northwestern Kenya. This refugee camp aims to improve the socio-economic conditions of refugees and host communities through an integrated service delivery approach.

The increasing refugee population from South Sudan to Kakuma has overstretched available resources and capacities, including those for education.

UNA-USA and USA for UNHCR seek support to build new schools and training facilities for the youth.


Did You Know?

  • In some cases, the teacher to student ratio is 1:103.
  • 15% of primary school-aged children are not in school.
  • 70% of those children not in school are girls.
  • Many students share textbooks at a ratio of 1:7.


What We Have Accomplished So Far:

  • 75,472 students enrolled in primary school.
  • 2,401 assorted learning materials for learners.
  • 7 classrooms constructed; 24 renovated.
  • 305 teachers trained.
  • 9,000 textbooks provided.
  • 16 latrine blocks constructed.