COVID-19 Calls for Global Action

77% of Americans Agree

They trust the World Health Organization (WHO) to handle the global response to coronavirus. Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike are united in their belief that no one country can battle a pandemic alone. Let Congress know that Americans like you support global coordination in our fight against the global pandemic.

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All UN Agencies are Stepping Up

The United Nations ensures health, wellness and justice for all people, even in the most difficult and complicated times. The COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. Across the UN system, agencies are taking swift action to ensure safety and dignity for everyone, everywhere.

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A Message From the UN Secretary-General on the COVID-19 Pandemic




You Can Help

WHO is at the helm of the global response to COVID-19, working to track the virus, ensure patient care, equip health workers with supplies and accelerate vaccine development. We’ve never seen a crisis like this before, and we must support WHO to carry out its essential work.

Powered by the UN Foundation, the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund is helping to support the global fight against coronavirus — every dollar makes a difference.

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The United Nations & COVID-19 Global Health Emergency

United Nations

The World Health Organization and COVID-19: Five Critical Capabilities in the Crisis

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Chapters Call Out for Support of WHO

Images courtesy of the World Health Organization (WHO).