Are You Up For The Challenge?

Julia Myron is a human rights advocate and founder of The Myron Fund.

Social Good Summit2

“I am asking you to believe. Not in my ability to bring about change – but in yours.” Barack Obama


During the Social Good Summit, activists and social change-makers took the stage to discuss how to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030. The Sustainable Development Goals are 17 global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly to achieve by 2030. The SDGs has been critiqued as being too ambitious. Some have said that there is no way that these goals will be achieved globally within a span of 11 years. If you share this view, I am afraid you have been misinformed. The SDGs for 2030 will be achieved not only due to the work of government officials, policy-makers and scholars, but also because of you. Yes! YOU. If there is one thing I took away from the Social Good Summit, it is, that if any real change is going to happen, it is going to happen because of ordinary people like you and me. Individuals who are passionate about others. When we look at the course of our global history, we will find that change occurred when seemingly ordinary people cared enough to get involved in their communities. If you are a young person who is unsure about how to start, Social Good speaker and activist Mari Copeny offered 5 tips for becoming a young activist:

  • Do not let your age hold you back
  • Start small work big
  • Use the power of social media for good
  • Be sure to have fun along the way
  • Never give up. I urge you to join our fight for a just world today. Are you up for the challenge?


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