2022 Global Engagement Summit

On February 24, UNA-USA hosted its 2022 Global Engagement Summit. Watch the recordings and take action.

UNA-USA’s Global Engagement Summit, typically held at UN Headquarters in New York City, is the largest annual gathering of UN supporters in the country, bringing together U.S. and UN officials, community leaders, young professionals, and subject matter experts from across the country to delve into the mission and lifesaving work of the United Nations.

Our 2022 theme—One Humanity, One Planet, One Common Agenda—highlights the importance of unity and that the only way to drive global progress to create a better world for us all is to do it together. 



Engagement Levels

Though the 2022 Global Engagement Summit has concluded, it’s never too late to take action. With four Engagement Levels for each session, there are creative ways to get involved and make a change for every advocate.


INSPIRE | UNOPS Field Visit to Colombia

  1. Learn more about how UNOPS seeks to help people build better lives and countries achieve peace and sustainable development.
  2. Tweet this! | Around the world, UNOPS provides infrastructure, procurement and project management services to help #BuildTheFuture.
  3. By asking your Member of Congress to support full funding of the United Nations, you are telling them the importance of UNOPS and other agencies that use the highest international standards to what they do, while respecting local contexts.
  4. Take a look at the influence of infrastructure on climate action across energy, transport, water, solid waste, digital communications and construction sectors by reading UNOPS’ Infrastructure for Climate Action report here.

INSPIRE | WFP Field Visit to Mauritania

  1. Did you know WFP works in more than 80 countries? Learn more about where and how WFP is saving lives and changing lives. WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian organization. On this website, find Hunger Map Live, which gives real-time information on the world’s food security, lifechanging stories from the field, and more!
  2. Speaking of the next viral online game… Play WFP’s Freerice, a trivia game where each right answer earns 10 grains of rice to help fight hunger around the world! Then share on your social media platforms about Freerice with #ZeroHunger.
  3. Urge Members of Congress to allocate the necessary resources to help fund the work of the World Food Programme. Take a minute to fill out this petition.
  4. Help WFP save lives. Download the SharetheMeal app. Together we can end global hunger.

INSPIRE | IFAD Field Visit to Uganda

  1. This short video focuses on how IFAD uses geospatial data and analysis to target, monitor and assess climate investments.
  2. Tweet this! | IFAD is the @UN agency responsible for addressing poverty and hunger, and they’re working in places like Uganda to support local businesses. Stand with communities by standing with IFAD. #USAforUN
  3. Investing in rural people is a long-term solution to so many of the problems we face today. Tell your elected officials that IFAD, and other agencies within the UN, are critical to investing in a brighter future for everyone around the world.
  4. Explore upcoming events hosted by IFAD and learn more about their initiatives!

INSPIRE | UNDP Field Visit to Afghanistan

  1. Hear from UN Goodwill Ambassador to UNDP, Connie Britton.
  2. Tweet this! | UNDP, the largest @UN agency in #Afghanistan is still helping to decrease poverty, gender inequality, and increase governance support, and resilience of Afghan people #USAforUN
  3. Urge your Members of Congress to fully fund our dues so the UN can continue its lifesaving work in Afghanistan.
  4. UNDP offers such wide-ranging support. Simulate and visualize the reallocation of a percentage of a country’s fossil fuel subsidy using UNDP’s simulator.

INSPIRE | UNHCR Field Visit to Bangladesh

  1. Curious to learn more about UNHCR’s lifesaving work around the world? Click the blue button at the right to explore how UNHCR works around the clock to assist and protect refugees.
  2. Tweet this! | UNHCR, the UN @Refugees Agency, and its partners are on the frontlines responding to the global refugee crisis. Send a message to your elected officials asking them to stand #WithRefugees and support UNHCR’s work: http://lil.ms/7jx6 #USAforUN
  3. Urge your Members of Congress to stand #WithRefugees to support UNHCR’s work.
  4. If you are inspired to use your art and creativity to support people who have had to flee, consider participating in UNHCR’s Youth with Refugees Art Contest.

INSPIRE | Peacekeeping Field Visit to Cyprus

  1. Curious to see more from the field in Cyprus? Watch another video to learn how peace is kept along a buffer zone.
  2. Tweet this! | Fully funding the @UN is cost-effective. In fact, supporting @UNPeacekeeping missions is 8x less expensive than deploying U.S. forces alone.| #USAforUN
  3. Send a message to your elected officials asking them to support the permanent repeal of the cap on U.S. contributions to UN Peacekeeping.
  4. Watch this recent program from our Global Engagement Online Series to learn more about how global peace is achieved through cooperation & collaboration between the U.S. & UN.


EDUCATE | Untangling the UN

  1. Want to know more about the UN? Check out their explainer series.
  2. Tweet this! | UNGA, WFUNA, ECOSOC… The @UN is no stranger to acronyms, but thanks to @UNAUSA Global Engagement Summit, I’m better at UN-tangling 😉 UN lingo. https://bit.ly/GES2022 #USAforUN
  3. The world needs the UN and the UN needs us. Help ensure the UN can continue to carry out its lifesaving work by urging your elected officials to fully fund our dues.
  4. Register your interest in serving as a UNA-USA delegate to UN conferences. We’ll be in touch with you regarding future opportunities. (Please note you must be an active member to serve as a delegate.)

EDUCATE | SDG Success Stories in the U.S.

  1. Read the Sustainable Development Report 2021 from the Sustainable Development Solutions Network.
  2. Tweet this! | Here’s the truth: Americans of all ages are advancing progress on the #GlobalGoals. I enjoyed learning from change-makers at @UNAUSA’s Global Engagement Summit how they’re promoting the #SDGs in their communities—and how I can do the same. https://bit.ly/GES2022 #USAforUN
  3. Global problems require global solutions. Take a moment to urge your elected officials to uphold our country’s commitment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by supporting H.Res.30, introduced by Rep. Barbara Lee, to create a more just world by 2030. http://lil.ms/ejf8
  4. Register for the Sony Picture This Festival or, if you are a student pursuing the SDGs, check out InnerView, which partners with UNA-USA to track achievement of SDGs in communities across the country.


MOBILIZE | The U.S. and UN Partnership

  1. Learn more about the United States Mission to the UN (USUN) here.
  2. Tweet this! | Thank you @UNAUSA for bringing together global leaders and elected officials at the Global Engagement Summit to share the importance of a strong #USUN partnership, and how I can take action to show my support for the @UN and its agencies. https://bit.ly/GES2022 #USAforUN
  3. As we continue to face numerous global challenges, it’s imperative that the U.S. works together with the world to address them. Send a message to your elected officials to urge them to support full funding for the UN and its agencies.
  4. Learn more about how your state supports the UN using our interactive map.

MOBILIZE | From Bystander to Upstander

  1. Listen to Melissa Fleming’s award-winning podcast, “Awake At Night.”
  2. Tweet this! | Thank you @UNAUSA, @connorfranta, @melissafleming & @BrownGirl_Green for reminding me of the importance of evolving from a bystander to issues that need attention to an upstander to use my voice to speak on the issues most important to me. https://bit.ly/GES2022 #USAforUN
  3. It’s up to us all to call out injustice—in all forms—wherever and whenever we see it. Take the pledge to speak up for human rights today and everyday.
  4. Take this free course from the United Nations Verified campaign and WikiHow to learn how you can help stop the spread of misinformation.

MOBILIZE | The American Pursuit of SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities

  1. Hear from Nyle DiMarco, model and disability advocate, about the importance of SDG 10 and creating a more inclusive world.
  2. Tweet this! | We can’t make life better for all if all are not equal ✊. I saw how Americans are pursuing SDG 10: Reducing Inequalities at @UNAUSA’s Global Engagement Summit and learned how I can play a part in fighting for equality. https://bit.ly/GES2022 | #USAforUN
  3. Human rights violations against African Americans must be acknowledged in order for this nation to heal. Urge your Members of Congress to establish a Commission on Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation:
  4. Learn about becoming an ally to help reduce inequality for all by taking “How to Be A Good Ally” course from Coursera.

The Evolution of the Global Engagement Summit




Session Tracks

Outside of the exciting plenary sessions, the summit features three tracks that align with the three tenants of UNA-USA’s mission: Inspire, Educate, and Mobilize.


Travel the world to see firsthand the impact of UN agencies providing lifesaving assistance, support, and care to communities through a series of five virtual field visits, including Cyprus and Afghanistan. Inspire tracks will be available on-demand.



Learn how you can take action locally to drive progress to achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals in your community and how we collectively can meet targets in our country and beyond.



Ready to take your advocacy to the next level? Hear from experts to learn how to sharpen your skills and leverage your experience to become a domestic diplomat and serve as a champion for the United Nations.