1. Call Capitol Hill at 1-855-466-4862. Using this number allows us to track your efforts! You will need to dial this number 3x to make 3 separate calls to each of your Members of Congress. 
  2. You will either be prompted to enter your zip code to be connected to your elected official, or you will be connected to an operator and can ask for your Members of Congress by name. If you don’t know who your House Representative is, you can look it up here. If you don’t know who your Senators are, you can look it up here. You may be asked to enter the number TWO to reach the House of Representatives or the number ONE to reach the Senate.
  3. Once you are connected to the elected official’s office, tell the staff member who answers the phone that you have an opinion on the appropriations package regarding foreign aid and ask to leave it for the Member of Congress.
  4. Keep in mind calls should only last a few minutes! Deliver your talking points/script, summarized on the previous page. 
  5. Ask if the Member of Congress has a current stance on full UN funding and/or request a response indicating the member’s position on this matter.  
  6. You may also ask if the staffer requires any follow-up information. If the office gets back to you with a specific appropriations request form, please let us know by emailing Maria Amalla (Grassroots Advocacy Manager) at mamalla@unfoundation.org and we will help fill it out.  
  7.  Let us know how your calls went by using the following form.


If your call is not answered, don’t worry. You can leave a message! Be prepared that they may call you back. 


For any questions, please email Rebecca Maxie at rmaxie@unfoundation.org or call (202) 340-5867