Membership FAQs

Your UNA-USA Membership is waiting! Read this guide for everything you may be asking about becoming a part of the UNA-USA community.

You've got Questions, We've got Answers

Here you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions about UNA-USA membership—from who we are, what you gain by becoming a member, and how to navigate the membership process. If your question is specific to your local community, contact the Chapter Leader at your nearest UNA-USA Chapter.

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What is UNA-USA?

The United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) is a membership organization dedicated to inform, inspire, and mobilize the American people to support the ideals and vital work of the United Nations. UNA-USA works to accomplish its mission through a network of Chapters, youth engagement, advocacy efforts, education, and public events.


Is UNA-USA part of the United Nations?

While we support the vital work of the United Nations, UNA-USA is not part of the UN or the UN system. We are a campaign of the United Nations Foundation.


How can I start a chapter if there is not one in my area?

First, you must become a UNA-USA member before you can begin the process of starting a new chapter. Visit our Start a Chapter page to learn more about the requirements and process.


What is an affinity group?

UNA-USA offers affinity groups for members to focus on specific issues through the lens of UNA-USA. You can select an affinity group when joining or renewing your membership or via the affinity group’s webpage. For more information on the affinity groups, please visit  UNA-USA offers the following:



What are the benefits of UNA-USA membership?

The benefits of UNA-USA membership include:

  • A forum to voice your support for U.S. engagement at the UN, with a current focus in making the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a success
  • A network of more than 180 UNA-USA chapters and divisions throughout the country comprised of people passionate about the mission of the United Nations
  • The opportunity to participate in educational and advocacy events, as well as to meet with elected leaders to increase knowledge of how the UN makes the world a safer place and improves the lives of people everywhere.  Key annual events include the Annual Leadership Summit and Members Day at the UN
  • Monthly nationwide conference calls with UN Experts on Issues such as Global Health, Empowering Women and Girls, and Sustainable Development
  • Engagement with UN Foundation Campaigns for global health, adolescent girls, the environment, and more
  • Access to rewards of United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU) membership


What do I need to do to sign up for UNFCU?

Please provide a copy of your latest membership payment confirmation e-mail to your UNFCU representative.

Learn more about the UNA-USA benefits with UNFCU.


What events do you offer your members?

UNA local community and campus chapters have events throughout the year across the country. The two main nationwide events hosted each year by the UNA-USA National Office are Global Engagement Summit at the UN in February and the Leadership Summit in June.



Can I join UNA-USA if I live abroad?

UNA-USA membership is for people who are committed to advocating to U.S. congressional representatives and officials regarding the importance of the United States’ involvement in the United Nations. UNA-USA members must be U.S. residents or citizens with a United States address.


I would like to join UNA-USA, but which membership level is right for me?

UNA membership is offered at the following levels:

  • $1,000 Lifetime Member: At this rate, you receive UNA-USA membership for life and never need to renew your membership. This higher donation level is used to provide additional support for UNA-USA education, advocacy and outreach programs.
  • $500 Patron Member: Individual membership. This higher donation level is used to provide additional support for UNA-USA education, advocacy and outreach programs.
  • $100 Sponsor Member: Individual membership. This higher donation level is used to provide additional support for UNA-USA education, advocacy and outreach programs
  • $50 Member: Individual membership.
  • $25 Introductory Member: First year rate for Individual membership.
  • $25 Limited Income: Individual membership offered to anyone who is retired, living on social security, or has any sort of financial constraint
  •  $25 AKA Rate: Exclusive to members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (details available here:
  • Youth Membership: Free membership for individuals 25 years old or younger. Date of birth, address, and email is required.


What is youth membership?

Youth membership is free for those who are 25 years of age and younger. Youth members are typically part of a chapter on their campus, but are also encouraged to select a local community chapter as well. Throughout the year, youth members are given access to opportunities for young Americans through UNA-USA and other organizations.


Do I qualify for free youth membership?

It is offered for individuals 25 years and younger. You must sign up online and provide your name, email, address, and date of birth in order to qualify.


How can I pay for my UNA-USA membership?

You can pay for UNA-USA Membership by signing up online.

If paying for membership by cash or check, please mail it along with the membership form to:


PO Box 96397

Washington, DC 20090-6397


When does membership expire?

For free youth members, membership expires once you turn 26. After that time, you must renew as a paid member. Otherwise, membership expires the next year at the end of the quarter in which it was last obtained/renewed (e.g. Membership starting on April 10, 2017 will expire on June 20, 2018).


Can I set up an automatic renewal?

Our membership forms now allow for automatic renewals. If you chose this option, you will be charged on the same date each year.


Can I join if there is not a chapter by me?

Yes! Members who have no local chapter, or wish not to be affiliated with one, can indicate “Member-at-Large” when they join. You will still receive all the information sent to other members from the national office.


Can I be a member of more than one chapter?

Only students who also have free youth membership can be part of more than one chapter – one campus chapter and one community chapter. Paid members can only be part of one chapter.


Can my organization get membership?

There is only individual membership. Our suggestion would be to identify one person in your organization to have UNA-USA membership so that you can be keep in the loop about what UNA-USA is doing nationally and locally!



The website is not accepting my payment, what can I do?

Our website is designed to have security measures in place to prevent fraud. Transactions can be declined for a number of reasons, the reason your card was rejected will be highlighted in red. If your transaction fails, there will be a hold charge placed on your account. This charge should disappear in 5-10 business days. If you run into an issue with your credit card, please contact


I did not get a confirmation e-mail after registering as a member, what should I do?

If you registered or renewed online, you should receive an e-mail receipt to the e-mail that you provided upon registration. The e-mail is the only confirmation sent to a member. 

If you registered or renewed by sending a check, please wait 6-8 weeks for the check to be processed.


My credit card has been charged multiple times, what should I do?

Please avoid clicking the submission button multiple times as it can lead to multiple submissions. If your transaction fails there will be a hold charge placed on your account. This charge should disappear in 5-10 business days. If your hold charges do not disappear after this time please e-mail Please note, we cannot refund hold charges as those are funds that have been rejected by our payment system and thus not received by UNA-USA. We can only refund charges received by UNA-USA.


I received a renewal notice, but I have already renewed. What should does this mean?

You may have received this notice if you renewed your membership after our mailing list was generated, or you may have signed up in the past under a different email or address, creating a separate account. If you are concerned that we did not receive your renewal or wish to check if we have multiple accounts for you, please email