Membership Benefits

There are nine different membership categories offered to UNA-USA members. Learn more about them here and customize your membership experience!


The standard membership makes up the backbone of our movement. Gain access to all of our standard benefits, including:

  • Exclusive leadership development opportunities
  • Professional and personal skillbuilding through PASSPORT sessions
  • Empowerment opportunities to be the best advocate for global issues
  • Training to effectively build relationships with your Members of Congress
  • Connection to nationwide network of like-minded individuals through our member-exclusive Slack group, LinkedIn, and Affinity Groups
  • Unique chances to attend UN conferences and serve as delegate to special events
  • Our newsletters, PASSPORT and UNA Today, to keep you updated on UN news and UNA-USA events
  • Opportunity to attend Global Engagement Summit to engage with US-UN issues
  • Opportunity to attend UNA-USA Leadership Summit to connect with other members and chapter leaders, and to meet Members of Congress during annual Lobby Day


The youth are our future. UNA-USA is dedicated to amplifying and uplifting the voices of our youth. That’s why any U.S. citizen or resident under the age of 26 can join to get engaged and bring the UN to their communities with no cost at all. Benefits of the Youth category include:

  • Standard Membership Benefits
  • Complimentary membership until age 26
  • Unique career and engagement opportunities specifically for this category
  • Innerview profile for SDG service project tracking

Young Professional

Members ages 18 to 30 may choose this membership to unlock benefits related to advancing their career and professional portfolio all for a reduced annual cost of $25. Learn more.

  • Standard Membership Benefits
  • OpportUNities newsletter
  • Discussion/networking sessions open to this level for select programs
  • Career Connex on LinkedIn with professionals from UN and US government agencies 
  • Exclusive resume review sessions and professional presence opportunities to connect with roles in UN system, U.S. Department of State, and other areas on diplomacy, international relations, global affairs, etc.
  • Chance to be included in requested shortlists of applications for internships, jobs, and fellowships at the United Nations


Go above and beyond in supporting the UN. Your donation allows us to host more events and build more connections that help you and other members stand up for the UN.

  • Standard Membership Benefits
  • UNA-USA pin 
  • 5% coupon at UNA-USA store


Your donation makes our programs possible and our support for the UN even stronger. To show our thanks, you get additional benefits including:

  • Standard Membership Benefits
  • Listing in Annual Report
  • Reserved seating at UNA-USA signature events (where possible)
  • UNA-USA pin
  • 5% coupon at UNA-USA store


Go for gold in supporting the UN! As thanks for your generous contribution, you gain access to these unique perks:

  • Standard Membership Benefits
  • Priority seating at UNA-USA signature events (where possible)
  • UNA-USA pin
  • Complimentary exclusive events for Gold Members
  • Listing in annual report
  • 10% coupon at UNA-USA store
  • Annual gift


For your immense support for UNA-USA in advocating for the UN, you’ll never have to renew and will always have the perks of being a UNA-USA member and more.

  • Standard Membership Benefits
  • Priority seating at UNA-USA signature events (where possible)
  • Gold UNA lapel pin
  • Certificate signed by Rachel Bowen Pittman
  • Letter from Ambassador Elizabeth Cousens
  • Listing on our website
  • Listing in Annual report
  • 10% coupon
  • Complimentary exclusive events (salon)
  • Annual gift

Fixed Income

Support the UN at any budget by joining or renewing at an annual rate of $25. If you would like consideration for a reduced annual membership fee due to fixed or limited income, please email

  • Standard Membership Benefits

What membership category will you choose?