Plan your winter organization leadership transitions

A successful leadership transition may be one of the biggest challenges facing student groups at campuses. Leadership transition is not only the glue that will hold your club together from year-to-year but also the fuel that continues to propel them in a forward direction. As a GenUN chapter leader, it is not enough to build and run a good chapter; one of your missions should be to leave your organization in the hands of students that will continue to build on your accomplishments. Therefore, you should always be in the process of seeking, identifying, recruiting, training, and installing the next team of leaders.

Typically, GenUN Chapters select new officers at the end of the fall semester or towards the middle of the spring semester. Outgoing leadership should be actively recruiting and encouraging their top members to join the incoming club leadership. Do not hesitate to approach students who are regular attendees at meetings and invite them to join or apply for leadership positions. Students, especially underclassmen, are often hesitant to be assertive and seek greater roles. Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement to find that they can take on and fulfill leadership responsibilities.

As the former President of UNA-City College of New York chapter, I went through leadership transition to ensure the continued success of our chapter.  Here are a few tips that I would like to share:

  • Hold elections early enough so the outgoing leadership has time to train the incoming leadership.
  • Invite the incoming executive board members to attend a meeting led by the exiting executive members – this will help new e-board members to    understand the roles and responsibilities of their respective leadership positions.
  • Create a transition binder/Google drive folder for the incoming officers, which includes important club documents (i.e: constitution, general officer role description) important contacts, previous event calendar, financial records and etc.
  • Plan a meeting with advisor and other key administrators to introduce the incoming leadership and discuss the future year together.
  • Remind new officers of the resources GenUN has to offer and put them in touch with your regional GenUN Fellow and Anna Mahalak, Youth Engagement Manager.
  • Hold a social event for the new officers to meet with club members.

This is your chance to leave your legacy, share your vision, and impact your GenUN chapter for the years to come.

See the GenUN guide and worksheet for effective leadership transitions.


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