Prepare for a Successful UN Day Event

UN Day is right around the corner! (October 24th). Here are some quick tips to help you have a successful event, regardless of size.

  • Review the UN Day Chapter Resources page
  • Identify your needs and your goals. Consider questions like what you would like your audience to see during your event? What would you like them to enjoy? Who would you like them to interact with?
  • Consider partnering with an outside organization (you don’t need to do everything alone!) this is helpful for increasing membership, raising awareness, splitting costs and sharing materials, and reaching a wider audience.
  • Advertise! Market! Broadcast! Publicize your event in all forms you can, trying to reach as many people as you can.
  • Remember the mission: talking about the UN and its platform for the world to discuss and debate problems like environmental degradation, human trafficking, weapons proliferation, international terrorism and much more.
  • Follow-up! Send out a quick thank you or note of appreciation to any of your partners or members that come to your event, or individuals on your committees who helped put the event together. Share a thank you on your social media accounts to thank the general public for their committed involvement to your event.

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