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To be eligible for funding under the UNA-USA Fellowship, applicants must have already secured an internship with a UN agency prior to applying.  UNA-USA reserves the right to review applicants following confirmation of internship and makes no guarantee that an applicant will receive a fellowship. Awards are based on eligibility requirements and the availability of funding. While there’s no hard deadline, we encourage you to apply at least one month prior to the start of your internship program. Once accepted as a fellow, you’ll receive a stipend to cover up to four months of living expenses during the internship. And yes; that means any living expense – from utilities and rent to food and transportation. All stipends are yours to spend at your own discretion.

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Eligibility Requirements


  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Must be an undergraduate senior, an undergraduate who has received their bachelor’s degree within one year of graduation (recent graduate), or a first-year master’s student
  • Must be affiliated with an accredited institution from the United States of America and within the United States of America.  Applicants are deemed ineligible if they are attending a university outside of the United States, or have received a degree from a foreign college
  • Must secure an unpaid internship with the UN or its affiliated agencies PRIOR to applying for the fellowship
  • Must demonstrate financial need

Caveats and Conditions


DISCLAIMER: Stipends for the UNA-USA Fellowship are not guaranteed and are based on the availability of funding.

This is a competitive process, so not all candidates who apply will receive funding. That’s why it’s essential to apply early and reach out if you have any questions. Additionally, this program is only available to UN interns with U.S. citizenship. Family members of UN staff, UN Foundation staff, and UNA-USA staff are not eligible to apply.

Fellows must also comply with any rules associated with their internship, participate in periodic surveys and workshops, and publish at least one blog on their experience. Fellows are also asked to help us spread the word about the program through career workshops and other occasional gatherings.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What requirements does UNA-USA have of each participant?

Participants must comply with the rules and regulations associated with their internship. Additionally, interns receiving funds from UNA-USA are required to participate in surveys, workshops, publish at least one blog on their experience, and participate in additional UNA-USA fellowship programming, such as career workshops.

Can I apply if I am a Junior?

You may apply in your junior year if your internship with the United Nations, or one of its agencies, is taking place in your senior year.

Can I receive the fellowship more than once?

No. You can only receive the fellowship ONCE; if you apply and are selected to become a fellow for that calendar year, then you are no longer eligible to apply for the fellowship in subsequent years.

Will I have to participate in any in-person workshops, gatherings, or events?

UNA-USA Fellows living in New York City and Washington, DC will be provided the opportunity to participate in in-person events.



What is the maximum amount of the stipend?

The maximum award is up to $3000 per month, for up to four months, for full time internships; up to $1500 per month, for up to four months, for part time internships.

If my internship is longer than four months, how will my stipend be dispensed over the course of my fellowship?

The UNA-USA Fellowship is awarded based on financial need and only available for up to 4 months.


Application Process

Will I be notified when my application is received by your office?

Yes. We aim to notify each applicant within a minimum of two days.

When will I be notified about the status of my application?

We aim to notify applicants within one week of submitting the application.


UN Internships

What qualifies as a UN internship?

To be eligible for funding under the UNA-USA Fellowship, the applicant must have confirmation of assignment with a recognized UN agency. Please see sample list here and note that the list is not comprehensive.

If my internship with the United Nations is remote, do I still quality for this fellowship?

No. While we understand that there are living expenses associated with remote work, the UNA-USA Fellowship is established to support in-person opportunities only.