Since June 2019, Rachel has served as Executive Director of UNA-USA, a grassroots movement of 20,000 Americans in 200 chapters across the country dedicated to supporting the work of the United Nations. Rachel is responsible for identifying the strategic vision for the organization, overseeing the expansion of UNA’s membership, and managing partnerships. Before she was appointed as Executive Director, Rachel served as UNA-USA’s Senior Director of Membership and Programs, and managed its national programs, including the Global Engagement Summit at the UN, the Global Leadership Summit and UN Day events. She also managed the Adopt-A-Future refugee education fundraising campaign. Rachel works closely with the National Council and Affinity Group leadership to implement the strategic direction of UNA-USA. Prior to joining UNA-USA, Rachel served on multiple leadership teams for several professional associations that represented lawyers, surgeons, regulators and engineers. In her many accomplishments, Rachel strengthened membership programs, directed rebranding initiatives and secured agreements with national associations representing China, Korea, Argentina, India, Peru, Egypt and Mexico.

Rachel holds a B.S.B.A in International Business from American University and an MBA in Marketing from Johns Hopkins University.