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Sustainable_DevelopmentThe Sustainable Development unit introduced experienced high school Model UNers to the UN's Economic and Social Council, Agenda 21, and the Commission on Sustainable Development. The Teacher's Guide binder provided 11 lesson plans that focus on the structure of the UN's development programs, the role of other organizations in the UN's work and an examination of four important development issues. The unit culminated in a simulation of the Commission on Sustainable Development.

UNA-USA also offered consumable resources aligned with lessons in the unit's Teacher's Guide. These student workbooks included document-based questions, background guides on relevant issues, primary and secondary sources, preparation tips and research information.

Curriculum Lesson Plans

All lessons were aligned with standards in:

  • Social studies (from the National Council for Social Studies);
  • English language arts (from the International Reading Association/National Council for Teachers of English);
  • Geography (from the National Geography Content Standards); and
  • Civics and government (from the US Department of Education).

Given the ever changing and continually evolving dynamics of the international landscape, Global Classrooms is in the process of revising and updating this curriculum unit to reflect important progress and developments in the area of Sustainable Development.

In the meantime, please feel free to Download the Sample Sustainable Development Unit Table of Contents and a sample Lesson with accompanying Student Workbook excerpts .