Global Classrooms: New York City Model UN Conference

Global Classrooms: New York City

The Global Classrooms New York Model UN Conference  was held Feb 2, 2013 at City College in New York, NY.

Since its inception in 1999, students and teachers in the nation's largest school district have used Global Classrooms resources and curricular units to address topics in international affairs such as poverty, peace and conflict, and human rights. Students role-play as representatives from countries, interest groups and nongovernmental organizations in simulations of UN bodies. In addition to learning about international affairs and the world outside New York City, students cultivate consensus-building and negotiation skills as they work to resolve conflicts peaceably.

It is increasingly critical that students learn skills such as reading comprehension, critical thinking, how to analyze information, and how to write and communicate effectively. To that end, the Global Classrooms program offers Model UN as an engaging activity for developing these skills as well as a vehicle for bringing international education into the classroom.

Global Classrooms students are preparing for college as they develop life and leadership skills. They develop critical experience in research, comprehension, and have a firm base of global knowledge. We are developing a generation of young people who are engaged in the world and able to navigate in a global environment.

Based on the needs of the school and the vision of the administration, Global Classrooms curricula can be adapted to fit many different types of learning environments on the middle- and high-school levels. The diversity of the Global Classrooms schools reflects the adaptability of the program and its curricular resources, which have been implemented in such diverse settings as:

  • A full-year credit-bearing social studies course;
  • An alternative to traditional debate, mock trial or model congress electives;
  • A co-curricular resource for world studies, civics and government, geography, English and economics;
  • A 4H literacy curriculum;
  • An alternative to traditional general educational development (GED) class content; and
  • An English language learners (ELL) curriculum.

In addition to curricular and co-curricular resources, UNA-USA supports New York City teachers and students with experienced Model UN trainers throughout the city and professional development sessions that help teachers integrate the knowledge and skills learned through Global Classrooms into a larger educational context.

Photos from past Global Classrooms: NYC Conferences

For more photos from Global Classrooms Model UN Conferences and Events, visit UNA-USA's flickr page.

Quick Facts about the Global Classrooms Program

  • Established in 1999;
  • New York City Department of Education has worked with UNA-USA to implement the program locally;
  • Teacher support through Model UN trainers and teacher professional development workshops;
  • Serving 91 Schools in New York City;
  • University students from Columbia University, Yale University, University of Bridgeport, New York University, CUNY Honors College, Pratt University, DeSales University, St. John's University, City College of New York, Seton Hall University and Trinity College have volunteered annually to serve as members of the Model UN conference staff.
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