Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Society

By including UNA-USA in your long term plans, you help actuate Eleanor Roosevelt’s vision for a more just and peaceful world. Help UNA-USA carry her torch forward by giving hope and opportunity to future generations.

Eleanor's Mission

In 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt, walked into the UNA-USA office and offered to build the organization’s national membership as a volunteer leader. That moment marked the beginning of Mrs. Roosevelt’s legacy, which ultimately created the largest movement of UN advocates in the world.

Until her death in 1962, Mrs. Roosevelt traveled across the country speaking of the importance of the United Nations, inspiring local leaders and leaving behind a network of UNA-USA chapters in communities and on college campuses across America. It is this legacy, and network, that forms the foundation of UNA-USA’s mission and work to this day.

Paving the Way for Future Generations

The Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Society is a group of UNA-USA members and supporters who have committed to supporting the work of the UN by making estate provisions to give a last gift to UNA-USA. Including UNA-USA in your will is a meaningful way support our mission through the work of future generations. To learn more about making a bequest to UNA-USA, contact rpittman@unfoundation.org or call  (202) 854-2360. When making your bequest, review our FAQ sheet. If you have already included UNA-USA in your estate plans, please consider officially joining the Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Society by completing this form.