SDG Service Superlatives – By State | Second Installment

Around the country, students are finding ways to make a difference in their communities and support the most vulnerable all while social distancing safely from their homes. UNA-USA is excited to highlight their stories from eight states. Be sure to log your service hours for the SDGs on the Innerview platform and you might be featured for your state.

For the past year, UNA-USA has partnered with Innerview Technologies to encourage students to track their service hours and contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Students can create their own digital service resume, submit their projects, and earn national recognition for their contributions. In 2020, UNA-USA will highlight the states with significant achievements by local students in advancing the SDGs.

Below are the Service Superlatives from this past spring! See our January 2020 Superlatives here.


Maryland – Most Likely to Learn a New Skill

Project: Citizen Scientist Program with WWF

Action: I participated in an eight-week series of webinars with WWF on food waste and how high school students can help elementary classes with food waste audits and lessons.




Minnesota – Most Civically Minded

Project: Voter registration

Action: I did my civic duty and registered to vote so I can cast my ballot in the November election. I am excited to vote in the next presidential election as my first voting election. I think that voting is so important because it allows people to have a voice in what their future looks like. I did this in Northfield, Minnesota.




New York – Most Sustainable

Project: Trash pick-up on your street

Action: I went around my block cleaning up while wearing protective gloves.






Connecticut – Most Community-Oriented

Project: Sending support and appreciation for those helping others

Action: Today I wrote some more letters to the Army Medical Brigade and it felt really good. They are giving so much of themselves so it’s nice to try and give them some light.




Ohio – Most Creative

Project: Organize a “Green” Movie Watch Party

Action: Watched movies about taking care of the Earth on Netflix: One was “Our Planet” and the other one was “Mission Blue.”





Georgia – Most Compassionate

Project: Inspirational messages for shelter guests

Action: Made four inspirational cards for men, women, and children going through a dark time. I will be mailing the cards to Open Door Mission.





Virginia – Most Tech-Savvy

Project: Virtual Tutors

Action: I tutored kids in Pre-K through Middle School through Google Hangouts and organized tutors to be paired with students through my Virtual NEST Tutors program!





Illinois – Most Connected

Project: Join an educational session on “Breaking the Silence on Sexual Orientation”

I learned a lot about the negative impacts on the mental health of those in the LGBTQ+ community as a result of the physical distancing that has taken place during the coronavirus. Overall, this experience was very meaningful for me as I was able to connect and learn about a very important community in our world, and gain a better understanding of what they have gone through and what obstacles they are fearlessly overcoming.