Developing A Global Goals Service Resume

UNA-USA students are local leaders for the UN’s Global Goals – and now we have a new tool for you to demonstrate your work to your peers, faculty members, and future employers. Build your online service resume with UNA-USA and InnerView Technologies.


You can earn national recognition for your community impact and distinguish yourself when applying for jobs and scholarships. Share a few details and a photo from each of your service and philanthropy activities this year – 20 hours across at least 4 activities to earn one of InnerView’s recognition awards.

Through peer leadership, community engagement and access to ways to get involved, you can use the Innerview app to introduce more students in your school to service opportunities aligned with their passions and connect with the UN Global Goals. To learn more about our partnership with Innerview, watch this webinar or read our partnership announcement.


  1. Watch our webinar on how to create your service profile.
  2. Create your profile on
  3. Join the UNA-USA national group.
  4. If you would like to adopt this tool for your chapter, fill out this registration form with InnerView. This will grant you free access to exclusive insider reports on how your chapter is progressing with its service goals.

Looking for inspiration on how to take action locally for the SDGs?

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