SDG Service Superlatives – By State

For the past year, UNA-USA has partnered with Innerview Technologies to encourage students to track their service hours and contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Students can create their own digital service resume, submit their projects, and earn national recognition for their contributions. In 2020, UNA-USA will highlight the states with significant achievements by local students in advancing the SDGs.

Read below to see if your state received a superlative this time. If not, check back in our future series of “SDG Service Superlatives” and be sure to log your service hours for the SDGs on the Innerview platform.


Illinois – Most Active

Based on the hours of impact tracked in Innerview, Illinois was the most active state in taking action for the SDGs through service. Students on the platform have logged over 13,000 hours this fall!






California – Most Creative

One project in California was deemed “Most Creative” for their service volunteering with the Visual Arts Outreach Committee at a Senior Living Community. Each student was paired with a senior citizen to hear their life story and then create a visual piece from that story. The projects supported good health and wellbeing for the seniors, and inter-generational partnerships for all who were involved!





New Mexico – Most Compassionate

Students in New Mexico who conducted service through Innerview often ranked “Compassion” as being one of their primary motivators for taking action in their communities.






New York – Most Sustainable

Students in New York are very committed to sustainability in their service activities. One student organized a clothing swap to reduce clothing waste and find new uses for the materials.






Michigan – Most Tech Savvy

A project in Michigan was deemed the most “tech savvy.” A junior wrote in about their efforts to help kids color and play with robots, to teach them valuable STEM skills and lessons about physics, promoting SDG 4: Quality Education.





South Carolina – Most Curious

Students in South Carolina ranked “Exploring” as their primary motivator for service last year. This means they are interested in exploring their interests and passions through community service.






Iowa – Most Devoted to a Cause

Advancing SDG 3: Good Health and Well Being is an important pillar to achieving the 2030 agenda. Students in Iowa are dedicated to educating their communities about the consequences drug substance abuse.





Texas – Most Honorable

Students in Texas have an honorable outlook on service. One student organized a wreath fluffing project at a Veteran’s cemetery to help spread joy and cheer to those who have served the U.S. military.





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