2019 Global Leadership Summit

Every year, we join forces on Capitol Hill to advocate for a strong U.S.-UN partnership and make sure Congress hears our message: We stand with the United Nations.

About the Global Leadership Summit

Every year, UNA members from across the country convene in Washington, D.C. for the Global Leadership Summit to advocate for the UN’s work on Capitol Hill. For the first two days of the summit, advocates attend workshops to improve their advocacy skills and learn from high-ranking officials about how the UN is tackling global challenges. On the final day of the conference, members meet with their elected officials on Capitol Hill to confidently make the case for continued U.S. support for the UN.

The 2019 Global Leadership Summit, held June 9-11, brought together 500 advocates from all 50 states for a record-breaking 322 Congressional meetings!

Rep. David Cicilline Receives Congressional Leadership Award

At UNA-USA’s 2019 Global Leadership Summit, Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI 1st District) received the Congressional Leadership Award for his continued support of the United Nations.

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