Chapter Requirements 


Uphold the mission of UNA-USA:

All chapter leaders should read, understand and abide by the policies and procedures outlined in Chapter Handbook.

Organizational Structure and Membership:

  • Recruit and maintain at least ten members
  • Engage a team of at least 3 chapter leaders to help you organize. President, Advocacy Chair and Membership Chair are required postions.
  • Create a chapter email address for UNA-USA communication.

Campus and Online Presence:

  • Host 2 community-facing events a school year on your campus that highlight the importance of the UN.
  • Establish an online presence by creating a chapter social media account or website.


  • Complete the end of semester reports to maintain active chapter status.

Adhere to the UNA-USA Code of Ethics and UNA-USA Brand Guidelines


How to Become a UNA-USA Campus Chapter


Determine if a UNA-USA Campus Chapter is right for you:

There are plenty of ways to engage with UNA-USA, and it is important that you understand the expectations and requirements of becoming an official UNA Chapter. UNA Campus Chapter are expected to have a sustainable and long-term presence on their campus over a number of years. Applying to be a UNA Chapter means ensuring proper leadership and leadership transition. Please read this page carefully before completing the Chapter application.

Step-by-step process:

  1. Fill out the chapter interest application to start the conversation with the National Office.
  2. Recruit a team of 3 chapter leaders to help you organize. Please refer to this page for chapter leadership structure
  3. Have at least ten students activate their free UNA-USA membership at
  4. Talk to your school student center about becoming a recognized group on campus and choose an on-campus advisor
  5. You’re officially a campus chapter!

If you do not have the time to commit to starting a new community chapter, consider getting involved in a nearby UNA Community Chapter.

Additional programs to consider: UNA Affinity GroupEmerging Leaders ProgramChampions program.


Submit a Campus Chapter Interest Form*

*A member of our team will review your application, and you will be contacted via email with the next steps and/or approval.