2024 Global Engagement Summit 

The United Nations Association of the USA’s Global Engagement Summit, held at UN Headquarters in New York City, is the largest annual gathering of UN supporters in the country, bringing together U.S. and UN officials, community leaders, young professionals, and subject matter experts from across the country to delve into the mission and lifesaving work of the United Nations.

This full day summit is one of many educational and inspirational programs that UNA-USA coordinates to help make Americans aware of the strong connection between the U.S. and the UN.

The theme for GES 2024 is “Pushing Forward >>> For People & Planet”.

Prota Fiori’s sustainability commitments: Prota Fiori is woman- owned sustainable luxury footwear brand and Certified B Corp.

Edelweiss vogel’s upcycled fashion: Edelweiss Vogel is an artist from the Philippines. Her artistic journey has been marked by a profound connection to her craft and a commitment to sustainability.

Remake’s sustainability impact: Remake is a global advocacy organization uniting change makers in the fight for human rights and climate justice in the clothing industry.

Julieta Gaitan (Swarovski Foundation): Julieta is a Colombian fashion designer fighting to reduce pollution and environmental damage in the textile industry, she has developed sustainable textiles and natural dyes using fungi.

Featured Speakers